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About Us

North Idaho Snackables in a small business nestled into the beautiful mountains of Kellogg, Idaho. Our motto is Freeze-Dried On-The-Go! We strive to provide quality freeze-dried meals without any fillers. All real food, just like you would have at mom’s house!

All set, ready to go, just add a little hot water and you will have a delicious and nutritious meal! Perfect for hunting, hiking, camping trip, road trips, or even just to add to your prep bag for “just in case” moments. We also provide a variety of flavored yogurt bites that are gelatin free with yummy honey granola, as well as a variety of freeze-dried candies and fruits! We do our best to provide in season fruits to keep the best flavor and quality for you. 

We do a lot of Markets and Events here in North Idaho, you can find all of those on our Facebook page to come see up in person and get some items that we unfortunately will not have on our website due to how delicate they are to ship. We appreciate each and every one of you for showing your support to us and adding us to your adventures. We look forward to supplying your snacking wants and needs! Thank you all!


How we got started

We are outdoors people ourselves, everything from mushroom hunting and wild edibles to backcountry hunting. We enjoy fishing immensely! A day outside in the forest or on the water, is a day worth having. 

We saw a need for good healthy, shelf stable meals in the outdoor community. You can only eat so many snack cakes, and trail mix only goes so far, especially in the backcountry. You have to watch the weight of what you carry, but also need the protein and calories to keep you going. 

With all of that in mind, we came up with these meals and some snacks! We will be adding more in the future! We also have candies that are great for people with sensory aversion to sticky things. Or anyone that loves textures, especially crunchy and airy. 


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