Turkey and Black Bean Chili

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A Tex-Mex style chili full of roasted turkey and black beans! Mild in spice, so no need to worry about burning your taste buds out in the outback. A Less than a cup of hot water and wait time under 10 minutes, you have a meal just like mom made. Coming in at 380kcal and 31g of Protein, it is a great hearty option to add to your bag for any adventure!

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Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 6.35 × 25.4 cm

2 reviews for Turkey and Black Bean Chili

  1. Chris McKelvy

    I had the pleasure of trying this the other day and was not disappointed. I have a pretty restrictive diet so premade food of almost any kind is usually out let alone a dehydrated backcountry meal. So finding something that not only aligns with my diet but also tastes good was a huge win. Very tasty, tastes like a bowl of chili I’d eat at home. Very much looking forward to some of the other meal options and some custom meals in the future 🤤

  2. Alyssa

    This one is my favorite so far. Tastes like a home cooked meal, not something packaged. Fabulous!

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